Affiliate marketing is the most efficient way to reach your customer acquisition goals. Advertisers benefit from the cost-per-action business model and pay only for results.

Agami Media offers risk-free customer acquisition through our ad network, with no billable hours or set-up fees required. In addition, we give you the possibility to test your campaigns in our Network in order to gauge quality of leads and optimize creatives and landing pages before committing to large media buys.

Agami Media maintains a productive network of e-mail, search and website publishers and we work closely with our publishers to ensure the quality of the leads. We have a strict anti-spam policy and we control the placement of your ads and use of your trademarks in order to protect your brand. Every new publisher is thoroughly analyzed and monitored in order to create a "clean" and creative network.

You don’t need additional technology in order to use our services as we track all user activity and provide you with detailed statistics (impressions, clicks, lead and sale information). You will pay after screening all the information and approving the data.

Do you want to attract qualified leads, turn them into buyers and keep them as returning customers?
Contact us now and we will help you reach your target audience in the most effective way.