Publisher Membership Questions

  • How can I receive help from your company?
    Upon becoming part of the network, you will be assigned a personal affiliate manager to give you customized help and support at all times.
  • Can I change my Publisher account information?
    Once you are approved as an Agami Media Publisher, you'll be able to log in to the member area of the site, where you can change your account info from the Account section.
  • Can I add another site to my Publisher account?
    Yes, you can add another site to your Publisher account. In order to promote Agami Media campaigns through this site, however, you should have written approval from an Agami Media representative.
  • How many merchant programs/campaigns can I join?
    We do not have any restrictions about this. You can promote as many merchants' programs/campaigns as you wish.
  • How do I get the code to link to merchant sites?
    You can get the codes to link to merchants' sites from the member area of the Agami Media website. After logging in to your Publisher account you will see a "Campaigns" link that will lead you to all merchant programs we are currently promoting. There you can find campaign descriptions and codes. You should simply copy and paste the code to your media.
  • How are sales, leads or downloads tracked?
    Almost all of the campaigns on Agami Media publisher network are tracked in real time. The online statistics may not be final though. Agami Media may make adjustments to your online statistics based on advertiser feedback.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Agami Media pays NET 30 that is 30 days from the end of the month money has been earned. We pay by check, PayPal, ACH, or wire. The minimum payment amount is $100 for all payment methods but wire. For wire payments the min is $250.