Eligibility Requirements

  • Publisher websites must be content-based, not simply lists of links or advertisements;
  • Publisher websites must have top-level domain names and valid WHOIS information. No free hosted sites (using Geocities, Xoom, Tripod, Talk City, and similar free hosting services) will be accepted;
  • Publisher websites must be fully functional at all levels; no "under construction" sites or sections;
  • Publisher websites must not contain, promote or have links to any illegal activities or such generally understood as Internet abuse, including but not limited to profanity, sexually explicit or hate materials, violence, any discrimination, software piracy or violations of the intellectual property rights of others or any other materials deemed unsuitable or harmful to the reputation of the Company;
  • Publisher websites must contain primarily English language content;
  • Publisher websites must not contain more than one pop advertisement per page (pop-up, pop-under or pop-exit);
  • Publisher websites must not be promoted through the use of unsolicited bulk email, or allow website members or customers to engage in similar activities through publisher's web site. Websites should not be included in any major spam blacklists.